Supporting efforts toward a sustainable society through crowdfunding

The Japan Times has a history dating back more than 120 years.
Through our dependable English-language reporting and writing, we aim to contribute to achieving a sustainable society by distributing information to overseas readers who face the same challenges and have the same aspirations as we do in Japan.

The Japan Times Original Plan

The Japan Times Recommended Plan

About "the moment by The Japan Times"

Since 2018, The Japan Times has been distributing information in English about the activities of The Japan Times Satoyama/ESG Consortium, with the aim of supporting efforts toward a sustainable society in Japan.

During the coronavirus pandemic, we have decided to launch a crowdfunding initiative named The Moment by The Japan Times to provide a space for deeper engagement and support by readers of The Japan Times.

In crowdfunding, the emphasis is on the project owners’ stories. The Moment by The Japan Times works in collaboration with The Japan Times, and the visions of the project owners can be fully conveyed by referencing articles and special features in The Japan Times about the consortium and related activities.